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How To Join Forever Living Nigeria

Have you been looking for a thriving network marketing company that can offer you the opportunity to change your financial future, live life on your own terms just by selling on demand and natural health products? If your answer to this question is a YES, then you can join forever living Nigeria and move closer to achieving your life goals.

how to join forever living Nigeria

Forever Living International is an American based multi national company that grows and manufacture aloe vera and aloe vera based health supplements. They are also a network marketing company with a presence in over 150 countries of the world including Nigeria , offering an opportunity to millions of people who desire a better life and financial freedom by distributing quality and approved health supplements.

With Forever Living, you are in business for yourself and not by yourself.

Unlike other networking marketing companies, joining forever living Nigeria offers you an opportunity to have a business by building your own team of affiliates and the good thing is that you get to to earn on the efforts of your team members (down lines).

Another thing that makes forever living to stand out of the crowd is that they offer you all the supports you need to build and grow your own business through free weekly training and direct mentorship from successful leaders, good bonus and incentives including a generous compensation plan.



Benefits of Joining Forever Living Nigeria

  • Free registration and no monthly membership fee: joining the company is free except for the starter pack which automatically promote you to assistant supervisor. You will not also pay monthly membership fee.
  • Free Training and Mentorship: when you attend the weekly free training, you learn from successful leaders who joined the company just like you who are also ready to mentor you, this gives boost your confidence to go out and meet people in order to build your own business.
  • Financial freedom: ability to live your life the way and how you want it and the freedom to focus on achieving those things you care about in your life without constantly worrying about money.
  • Quality Products: you get to select from quality and natural health products to sell to your customers.
  • Generous compensation plan: you get adequate reward for your efforts, you succeed by helping the company to succeed. Get rewarded with bonuses and incentives like a car plan, yearly all expense paid foreign trips with spending money.
  • Discounted Products: Enjoy 15% to 30% discount on products purchases from the company, then sell at your own price and make money.

What You Will Be Doing

Join the company by purchasing your starter products pack and become an assistant supervisor.

Go out and meet your friends and families, introduce the products and the business opportunity to them. Convince them to buy from you and also sign up and buy their own starter pack through your affiliates link.

NOTE: The company will pay you for everyone that sign up and buy products through you.



  • When you join forever living Nigeria and buy a starter products pack, you will immediately be promoted to the rank of an Assistant Supervisor. As an assistant supervisor, you will get buy products at 30% discount and also enjoy a 5% cashback the following on all your orders/sales.
  • As an assistant supervisor, you are allowed to build your own business by recruiting downlines to join your team and when you recruit a new member, the company pays you a 5% new distributor bonus.
  • As an assistant supervisor, it is much easier to get started on your forever journey and build your business, your starter products pack comes with manual and personalized support materials that will show yo how to market your products.


  • If you can’t join as an assistant supervisor, another option is to join as a novus customer, you won’t get an immediate promotion and you will be required to sell a specified number of products within a certain period in order to be promoted to the rank of assistant supervisor.
  • The only benefit you enjoy as a novus customer, is to buy products at 15% discount.
  • You will not be able to recruit downlines until you become assistant supervisor and you will not be entitled to enjoy bonuses or any incentives.




Forever Living distributors from the rank of assistant supervisor and above, can enjoy the following benefits:

Retail Commissions: Retail commissions are paid out on the sale of Forever Living Products at a rate of 15 to 30%.

Personal Volume Bonus: The Personal Volume Bonus is a commission paid out specifically on an affiliate’s own product purchases (an effective discount). How much is paid out depends on an affiliate’s membership rank:

Assistant Supervisor – 5%

Supervisor – 8%

Assistant Manager – 13%

Manager – 18%

New Distributor Bonus: When a forever living assistant supervisor or higher ranked distributor, recruit a new downline, he or she will be paid bonus and that depends on the rank of the distributor:

Assistant Supervisor – 5%

Supervisor – 8%

Assistant Manager – 13%

Manager – 18%

Group Volume Bonus: When a recruited affiliate reaches the Assistant Supervisor affiliate rank, their sales volume is then paid out via the Group Volume Bonus. The Group Volume Bonus pays out the difference between an affiliate’s Personal Volume Bonus percentage, and that of the recruited affiliate:

  • Assistant Supervisor – 5% on Assistant Supervisor volume

  • Supervisor – 8% on Supervisor volume and 3% on Assistant Supervisor volume

  • Assistant Manager – 13% on Assistant Manager volume, 5% on Supervisor volume and 8% on Supervisor volume
  • Manager – 18% on Manager volume, 5% on Assistant Manager volume, 10% on Supervisor volume and 13% on Assistant Supervisor volume

Note that in order to qualify for the Group Volume Bonus, an affiliate must generate at least 4 cc’s of volume for any given month. At least 1 cc of this volume must come from an affiliate’s own spend, with the other 3 ccs of volume able to be sourced from retail volume and an affiliate’s immediate downline purchases.

Leadership Bonus: Forever Living Products’ Leadership Bonus is available to all Manager and above ranked affiliates and uses a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1).

If any of these level 1 affiliates go on to recruit new affiliates they are placed on level 2 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

In order to qualify for the Leadership Bonus, an affiliate must be at least Manager ranked and generate at least 12 cc of volume each month. This volume can be generated by retail sales, an affiliate’s own purchases and the volume of their downline (up to but not including the first ranked Manager in each individual unilevel leg).



If you have questions you want to ask or you need more more clarification

Call/Send SMS to me on 09060474086 OR 09034639354 and I will be glad to help you out.

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