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7 Effective Ways To Prevent Prostate Enlargement

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Prostate enlargement is one of the major health problems confronting men all over the world, every man either young or old have prostate and it is only a male organ. The truth is that as men grow older the prostate keep increasing in size and this often occurs from the age of 40 and above.

As the prostate continuous to grow bigger, it also leads to some problems, most notably the inability for urine to flow normally and this is as a result of the Urethra getting smaller. The urethra is the pipe that allows urine to pass from the urinary bladder to the tip of the penis. The urethra is surrounded by the prostate gland which helps to produce to semen and it is the size of a walnut measuring just 20 grams.

As men grow older, the prostate gland will increase in size from the normal 20 grams and up to 100 grams, the problem is that the more the prostate gland increase in size the more the urethra will reduce in size thereby making it difficult for urine to flow properly.

So in a nutshell, prostate enlargement is simply the continuous growth of the prostate gland which in turn causes abnormal flow of urine and this lead to leftover of urine in the urinary bladder (urine tank). The implication is the man will be going through pains and his penis area will become larger after sometime.

The worst that can happen is to be ignorant of how the prostate works, knowing that prostate enlargement will occur in the future should be enough to make you work on it prevention and this is possible.

Here Are The 7 Things You Can Do In Order To Avoid or prevent the Enlargement of your Prostate:


Mind what you eat daily.Consuming red meat everyday can increase your chances of prostate disease and regular Milk consumption also doubles your risk of prostate enlargement. Taking fruits and vegetables daily will reduce your chances of having it. Medical experts also recommend the consumption of tomatoes which is very good for men and it contains loads of lycopene. Lycopene is an important natural antioxidant.You must equally eat foods that are rich in zinc. and pumpkin seeds (ugbogulu).Zinc is an important element that can boost male’s sexuality and fertility.Men need’s to consume more zinc everyday in order to replace the lost ones which is good for your prostate health.


Regular exercise is good for your prostate and as a matter of fact all men, most especially those above the age of 40 should take it seriously, constant exercise helps to build your muscle tone.


This might sound strange but it is true, it can help with your prostate health, when you sit two-third of our weight rests on the pelvic bones, but you are not to sit for long hours, it can worsen your prostate issue. Walk around as many times as possible and make sure you always sit on comfortable chairs.


I know this also sound strange to you but it is important for your prostate health, moderate drinking of alcohol can have a positive effect on your prostate health. Drinking alcohol can help with providing more fluid in your body which is good for you. Medical experts recommend the drinking a class of red wine everyday which may reduce your risk of prostate enlargement.


Anything that can stop blood flow to the groin area must be avoided including what you wear under, avoid pants or other skin tight underwear instead go for breathable clothing like boxers.


Try and avoid smoking in every way you can because it can have a negative impacts on your blood vessels and disrupt circulation around the male organ region.


Engaging in regular sex can help to protect your prostate. When you have sex and ejaculates, it helps to empty the urinary bladder and it reduces your risk of prostate enlargement or cancer. Though it is recommended you have regular sex but you must reduce the frequency as it may have an opposite effect on your prostate health.

In conclusion, your prostate is an important part of your reproductive system, make sure you care for it always and if you enjoy this post, you can leave a comment or your question below, we will respond shortly.

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