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All You Need To Know About Forever Active Pro-B

Forever active pro-b is a revolutionary new and improved products clinically researched and tested in order to promote a healthy digestive system and also boost your immune function.

Your digestive system is very important and must often be kept healthy most of our lifestyle choices and food consumption always do more harm than good to the digestive health.

You need a supplement like the active pro-b to restore and promote an effective digestive system

Would like to learn more about how the active pro-b is beneficial to your body?

Then continue to read the remaining article to know more

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What is Active Pro-B and How it works?

Forever Active Pro-B is a high quality nutritional supplement made by forever living to support your digestion, nutrient absorption and boost your immune system. It contains beneficial and friendly bacteria that the body needs for an effective and healthy digestive system

It is a probiotic that contains six strains of healthy bacteria that have been clinically proven to complement your gut health, assist with your quick diet digestion and help to power your lifestyle.

One tablet daily with a class of clean water is what you need to improve your digestion and keep your body working optimally.

Why Active Pro-B is right for You?

The digestive system is an important aspect of the human body that helps to cut the foods you eat into smaller portions for easy digestion, but the problem is our food choices often lead to poor digestion which can further cause constipation.

Most of our foods are low in fibre which becomes difficult to move through the tract

Poor digestion can also affect your immune system and nutrient absorption

The Forever Active Pro-B is specially formulated with important strains that work in synergy to improve your body’s healthy digestion with friendly bacteria

It is recommended you take the Active Pro-B with Aloe Vera Gel for best result. Chat with us on WhatsApp and order now

Health Benefits of Active Pro-B

  • It’s a special blends six strains of friendly bacteria
  • Specially formulated to help promote healthy digestion
  • It’s enhances nutrient absorption and supports immune function.
  • It is a probiotic that provides 8 billion CFU per dose. These strains were researched and selected based on their beneficial properties.
  • • Capable of bypassing stomach acid for optimum intestinal delivery

Instruction for Usage

Take one capsule daily with class of clean water or combine with aloe vera gel for best result

How to order Online

Visit the product page and click on the Add To Cart button and make payment, we deliver nationwide within Nigeria

To order through WhatsApp, send the following details to 09060474086:

  1. Your full name
  2. Phone and Whatsapp number
  3. Your location and full address
  4. The products you want to buy

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