7 Causes of Weak Erection All Men Should Know

Weak erection which sometimes is known as erection dysfunction remains one of the major sexual problems that affect men around the world

Whenever it occurs, it brings a couple of negative effects including, inability to satisfy your partner, destroying your self esteem and your relationship and can also make you become less interested in having sexual intercourse

There are other men’s sexual dysfunctions such as, low sperm count, poor libido and quick ejaculation

As a man you must develop interest in knowing the various sexual issues that confront men and this will help you in prevention.

What is Weak Erection

Weak Erection, also known as impotence, is when a man can’t get or keep an erection of the penis that’s strong enough for satisfactory sexual performance. Nearly all men experience erectile dysfunction once in a while but when it happens frequently, then it is a sign of serious problem and you must take urgent steps to find a solution.

Common Symptoms Include:

  • Lack of desire in sex
  • Having difficulties getting an erection
  • Problems maintaining an erection
  • Not able to achieving erection at all

If you are suffering from weak erection or maybe you want to learn more about it

Here are the 7 causes of weak erection you must know

  1. Poor Blood Circulation

When blood flows regularly to the erectile tissue of your penis, it will become very easy to have an erection, it is important to note that anything that restrict or stop blood circulation within your body will cause weak erection. What makes the penis to stand strong when you are sexually aroused is the movement of blood into it

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2. Poor Libido

Some men have a problem with sex, they don’t get involved in any discussion about sex nor indulge in sexual intercourse, if this is you, then it means you have little or no desire in sex (poor libido) and when this happens it will likely affect your ability to achieve an erection because your mind is not there

3. Obesity

If you are overweight or accumulate too much fats in your body, the risk of erectile dysfunction is high, obesity will make it difficult to perform well and satisfy your partner. Obesity can lead to accumulation of cholesterol which may impact blood flow leading to poor erection

If you are overweight and you also notice significant problems with your erection, regular exercise will improve your overall health including sexual performance.

4. Age

As you grow older your ability to get erection decreases due to reduction in testosterone levels and research has shown that men within the ages of 50 and above often start to experience a decrease in their sexual function

5. Anxiety and Stress

Stress from work and other daily engagement including fatigue from your daily lifestyle and being worried about relationship and sexual performance are among the causes of erectile dysfunction

6. Other Sexual Dysfunctions

Other men’s sexual issues including, quick ejaculation, low energy levels, poor stamina and lack of endurance all contribute to the inability to have a stronger erection

7. Addiction to alcohol and smoking

Too much smoking and drinking of alcohol will harm your erection, it’s important to know that smoking can lead to heart disease which in turn restrict blood circulation and lead to poor erection

Lifestyle changes including reducing reducing or avoiding smoking and alcohol will not just boost your health but your sexual prowess.

Natural Treatment for Weak Erection

Now that you’ve discovered the various causes, you need to know what you can do to solve the problem and when it comes to getting a solution common steps include :

  • Trying to improve blood flow to the penis and this is the biggest culprit.
  • Leaving a healthy lifestyle by changing your diet
  • Physical and regular exercise
  • Avoiding alcohol and smoking

Taking supplements Can Improve your Erection

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