Aloe Heat Lotion


  • Helps to soothe sore muscles
  • Special formula to help nourish your skin
  • Contains aloe and it is specially hand harvested from our own plantations by numerous workers to ensure the best quality soothing lotion for you.

The Aloe Heat Lotion is a combination of aloe juice with menthol and heating agents to provide fast calm or relief to your body after a long day at work or tough workout. this rich softening lotion provides blissful relief from everyday stresses and strains.

The heat lotion is a wonderful body massaging cream to help make your body warm, smooth and soft. It contains menthol oil and eucalyptus with fresh scent of menthol.


  • It is for anyone who wants the body massaged, relaxed and feel warm
  • People who do a lot of sport exercise and workout and wants fast relief from bone pains and over stretched muscles.
  • Those always feeling stressed up after long day at work

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The Heat Lotion contains enough aloe Vera juice which makes it a powerful formula that delivers heating and cooling effects to help calm your sore muscles.

Watch the video below to learn more about the aloe heat lotion:

The creamy lotion is perfect for a deep, relaxing massage to set your mind and muscles at ease. Aloe Heat Lotion goes on cool and stimulates with the sensation of aloe and menthol to soothe on contact. It then warms, while ingredients like eucalyptus relax your muscles and create a naturally aromatic experience.

The aloe vera used in this skin nourishing lotion is gotten from Forever’s own plantations  and hand harvested to ensure the best quality and stabilised aloe vera is in every bottle of Aloe Heat Lotion.

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