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  • It is natural immune system booster
  • It supplies your body daily with vitamin C
  • It comes with delicious orange and honey flavor
  • It is good for your skin which helps to prevent quick aging
  • It contains Oat brain for absorption of Vitamin C

Forever Absorbent-C® is a simple, delicious, and advanced approach to get your body the vitamin C it needs on a daily basis. To pack in lots of all-season wellbeing, we mixed vitamin C with honey and oat bran.

Absorbent-C is an advanced supplement that delivers vitamin C daily in a delicious tablet. Forever Absorbent-C® with Oat Bran is an outstanding nutritional supplement that combines two vital nutrients into one convenient product. 

The bonded matrix composition, is a unique delivery system combining 500 mg of oat bran with the full 60 mg of Vitamin C in each tablet.

Daily intake of Forever® Absorbent-C® is highly recommended for good health.

Vitamin C is a necessary component of everyone’s diet. When it comes to remaining healthy while on the run, it’s the perfect nutrient. Despite this, only 10 to 20% of adults are thought to consume enough fruits and vegetables to maintain adequate levels of this important vitamin. As a result, most of us have a significant vitamin C deficiency to overcome.

Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective supplements for protecting your body against immune inadequacies, cardiovascular disease, and aging skin. It comes with Antioxidant properties that help to battle free radicals and protect your body from oxidative stress, which always contribute to aging

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It is recommended you make Forever Absorbent-C® a major part of your daily health routine and if you consume this highly nutritious supplement daily, you supply your body with following benefits:

  • Daily natural boosting of your immune system
  • It helps to support healthy skin and prevent quick aging.
  • An effective way to give your body daily recommended value of vitamin C
  • It contains delicious orange and honey flavor in an easy to take tablets.
  • It helps you to look younger daily
  • It contains Oat brain for easy absorption of the Vitamin C


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Oat bran helps to support your immune system and also assists your body’s in absorption of vitamin C. Honey adds flavor and natural sweetness, working perfectly with the vibrant orange flavor.

Allowing the nutritional gaps in your body to keep you from living your most active and healthy life is dangerous. Take Forever Absorbent-C® as the perfect companion on your journey to looking and feeling your absolute best.

USAGE INSTRUCTION: Take one tablet three times daily and each bottle contains 100 tablets

We can deliver within Lagos and other states in Nigeria and Payment on Delivery is accepted.


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