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  • Natural booster for sex drive in men and women
  • Increase energy, stamina and vitality
  • Increase blood circulation and boost erection
  • Natural cure for Quick ejaculation
  • Natural remedy for erectile dysfunction
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Forever Multi-Maca® is a unique blend of Maca and other natural substances that may enhance a calm, happy mood and sexual drive in both men and women.



The root of the maca plant is a sex booster.

Forever Multi-Maca® is a nutritional supplement made from the maca root and it is combined with other natural ingredients to boost the sexual performance of both men and women.

Our research has show that men and women have different issues affecting their sexual performance, for men it is mostly about erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, low energy, stamina and endurance. Men who use the Forever Multi-Maca® supplement, can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increase of blood circulation to the penis and this in turn will lead to better erection for improved sexual performance
  • Increase in sperm production and this will increase your chances of impregnating your wife
  • Boost energy naturally and
  • Help to improve stamina and endurance
forever multi maca
forever multi maca

Maca is a Peruvian annual plant that is grown in the central highlands. Maca has been respected in Peru for almost 2,000 years. Legend has it that the Incan warriors ate Maca to increase their strength and endurance before heading into combat. It was known as the “Inca sex herb” by the Spanish Conquistadors. Maca has also been utilized by women in South America for thousands of years to help them retain their stamina and cope with stress. Peruvian women start taking Maca at the age of three and continue to be robust, fertile, and productive throughout their lives.


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The following are some of the Maca root’s overall benefits:

It is a nutrient-dense food.

It boosts both men and women’s libido.


Erections that last longer and are harder


More sperm count and sperm of higher quality


It boosts both male and female fertility.


It aids in the relief of menopausal symptoms.


Maca enhances your mood and relieves stress.


It promotes the augmentation of a woman’s physical shape. It works by balancing estrogen levels, which causes the breasts and hips to grow in size and shape.


It boosts the quality of your sleep.


SIDENOTE: It is recommended to add any of VITOLIZE, BEE POLLEN & ALOE VERA GEL with MULTI-MACA  for the best results. The recommended products will help to optimize the effect of the MULTI-MACA to deliver the best experience for you.

USAGE INSTRUCTION: Take two tablets daily with water. It contains 60 tablets in a bottle.


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