Forever Bee Propolis


  • Natural antibiotic made from the propolis
  • Natural immune system booster
  • It contains nutritional benefits  for the body
  • It contains vitamins to help in boosting your natural energy levels
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Known for its antiseptic and healing abilities. Forever Bee Propolis also has properties to soothe respiratory conditions and boost the immune system.

Bees gather propolis, digest it, and then use it to seal their colonies.
Forever gathers this propolis in clean environments in order to maximize its quality.

Propolis from Forever is composed of about 150 active ingredients that will come to improve the functioning of the body.


It is mainly composed of vitamins: provitamin A, but also B vitamins including B5, promoting growth and resistance of the skin, many natural minerals in the form of trace elements: colbalt, copper, silver, manganese, molybdenum , iron, magnesium, zinc … phenolic acids, flavanoids in large quantities (they are natural antiseptics produced by the plants) which will be for the man powerful antioxidants.

When the cold weather arrives, winter’s ailments become ubiquitous, Forever’s Propolis will help you protect yourself.

Forever Propolis will help you in your daily life to defend against bacterial, fungal and viral infections thanks to its natural antibiotic properties.

It will also be highly effective in combating diseases of the respiratory system and the ENT sphere by its anti-inflammatory, antitussive and anesthetic effects.

In addition, propolis calms the throat and reduces the pain of dry cough.

Benefits of Forever Bee Propolis

  • A Highly Nutritious Supplement

    Propolis is composed of more than 150 active ingredients that promote the functioning of the body and mind, such as flavanoids, vitamins, minerals and phenolic acids.
  • Natural Immune Booster

It contains anti-inflammatory qualities and helps in the fight against internal infections.

  • It’s a Natural Antibiotic

More than 150 active components, including phenolic acids, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals, are found in propolis and help the body and mind work properly.

How to Use It

Take two tablets daily with clean water



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