Forever Ulcer Natural Treatment Pack


Forever Ulcer Natural Treatment Pack combines four powerful NAFDAC approved products to provide you with effective natural solution for ulcer, all products have been tested and certified safe for use without side effects.

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Forever Ulcer Natural Treatment Pack is the right blend of the effective power of aloe vera gel with other products to create an effective and natural treatment for ulcer

It works for both internal and external ulcer and it is formulated to provide you with homemade treatment for your ulcer

The pack comes with four powerful NAFDAC approved products and thanks to our wellness consultant, these products have been tested and proven to be an effective combination you can use and finally deal with your ulcer problems.

The Forever Ulcer Natural Treatment Pack includes, Aloe Vera Gel, Bee Propolis, ImmuBlend and Forever Fields of Green.

Combining these four products and taking them daily will deliver good result for you and you can start seeing these changes within three weeks of consistent usage

Health Benefits of Ulcer Treatment Pack:

  • It will eliminate the pain associated with the ulcer
  • It will kill the bad bacteria and encourage the growth of good bacteria
  • Protects the intestine wall against further damage
  • Hell with cell production
  • It’s homemade treatment and affordable, a better alternative to surgery
  • Aloe Vera gel is a natural immune booster, this will increase your body’s ability to fight against infections and diseases, it will also cleanse toxins from your body, improve your digestive system and boost your energy level
  • Using the four products everyday as recommended, will not just help to eliminate the ulcer but prevent it.

Warning: Use the products as recommended daily for desired result and don’t combine with products from other sources

Usage Instruction: Take two tablets from each bottle  and take aloe Vera gel in the morning and night

How long before I see result?

You will witness changes within 2 to 3 weeks of regular use

How to Order?

Click on Add To Cart to order and pay easily online, you can also order using the WhatsApp button

How will I get It?

We offer same day delivery within Lagos and delivery to other states will arrive in 3 days

Do you accept Pay on Delivery?

Yes we accept payment on delivery


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