Forever Lycium Plus


Forever Lycium Plus is a powerful supplement  made from unique blend of  ancient plants and other organic ingredients to improve your vision, boost your energy, impacts your skin and immune system

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Forever Lycium Plus is a final product from the combination of ancients botanicals (plants) to give your body the best of what nature provides

When you start using lycium plus everyday, you will see a positive effects on your skin it will also improve your vision and boost your energy

Lycium is a powerful fruit (Goji berry) that dates back to the ancient China where it was used as a tonic and it contains nutrients and antioxidants which can boost your vision (eyesight), skin color and natural energy levels

It also contains licorice root which is one of the world’s oldest herbal remedies and it can be trace to Western Asia and Southern Europe. It is used to treat different health problems, including stomach upset, reduce inflammation

In modern times, the licorice root is often used to treat health conditions like, heartburn, sore throat, coughs, acne or eczema, bacterial and viral infections.

All these health benefits are what you will get when you start using the lycium supplement

It is now available in Nigeria and you can order online by clicking on the Add To Cart button on this page

How To Use It?

Take one tablet three times per day

How Many Tablets in the Pack?

It contains 100 tablets

How Long Will It Take to Deliver?

We offer same day delivery within Lagos depending on the time of order, but for other states, it will take up to 3 days

What About Payment?

You can order and pay easily on our website, we also accept payment on delivery in selected states like Lagos, Delta, Rivers, Abuja, Edo, Oyo and Enugu.


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