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Forever Supergreens is made from the perfect blend of over 20 fruits and vegetables to lower blood sugar, high blood pressure, prevent heart disease, boost your digestive and immune system. It contains no sugar and rich in vitamin C,E and Magnesium

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Our body needs the daily recommended portion of fruits and vegetables to stay active but our modern lifestyle has shown clearly that our diets contains less fruits and vegetables and this is not good for our body. Thanks to Forever Supergreens™, our dietary supplement and it is a perfect blends of over 20 fruits and vegetables.

Some days can be difficult than others especially if you are always very busy and you may not able to eat enough fruits and vegetables. You can still give your body the recommended nutrient value by using Forever Supergreens.

It is  made from fruits and vegetables and available in 30 sticky packs which can be used on the GO to offer your body a big boost of plant-based superfoods anytime, anywhere

Eating vegetables and fruits everyday can help to lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease and stroke, including some types of cancer, reduce risk of eye problem and improve your digestion. You will also enjoy the benefit of low blood sugar and also keep your appetite in check. All of these health benefits are contained in the Forever Supergreens™
Some of the ingredients includes, aloe vera which supports healthy digestion, natural energy and nutrient absorption,  Barley grass support healthy cholesterol, Goji berries support immune system and Grape seeds delivers antioxidants and  also help with healthy circulation around your body
This complete superfood tastes great and it can be mixed easily with water or your favorite drink. Forever Supergreens™ offers important nutrients and antioxidant power to support your body’s natural defenses and keep you performing at your best.
You can also add it to your weight loss and exercise routine, simply mix it with water or any low calorie drink of your choice and you are good to go
How To Use It?:
Simply add one pack to water or any drink of your choice daily, it contains 30 packs
How To Order?
Click on Add To Cart to order and pay easily on our website, you can also order using the WhatsApp button
Do You Accept Pay On Delivery?
You can pay on delivery
How Do I Get It?
We offer same day delivery in Lagos, but delivery to other states will arrive in 3 days
Is It NAFDAC Approved?
Yes it is


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